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My name is Mellisa. My husband, James, and I own and operate JLVphotography in Fort Collins, CO.  We are parents to four beautiful children and thoroughly understand the desire to cherish the milestones, as well as the reality of a tight budget.  Our goal is to provide our clients with quality portraits at a reasonable rate. With my creative eye and James' knowledge of lighting, angle, and lenses, we are a fantastic team.  Together we keep the energy positive and light during photo shoots to help our clients feel comfortable enough to be themselves.

About Us

James' passion for photography blossomed upon the arrival of his daughter in 2008. He thoroughly enjoys the science behind the lens. Nature photography has been his passion, though he enjoys the versatility and challenge  in portrait photography as well.  In his free time, James  spends time with his family, rides motorcycles, goes on hikes, watches documentaries and collects Nikon cameras. 

Mellisa has 5+ years in the early childhood industry as a licensed childcare provider. She joined JLVphotography in 2012 assisting with set design, scheduling,  and handling the younger clients. When she is not managing the household, she enjoys gardening, rollerblading, and all things crafty. 

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